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STEAM Bungalow

Hello All SME STEAM Supporters!

We are so excited to have unveiled our STEAM Bungalow.  We held our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on May 22nd, starting at 7:45 am out on our beautiful playground.   HERE you'll find a copy of the invitation flyer.

We began with our regular morning assembly where we impressed with our school dance and school song, and then we transitioned into our special ribbon cutting ceremony. Our program included a few speakers as well as a tour of the bungalow with interactive STEAM activities.

We are so fortunate to have the support of PUSD, Measure TT, PEF School Grants, The City of Sierra Madre, community members, parents, and of course our FABULOUS SME teachers and staff! 

We'd specifically like to thank the following:

School Partners

  • Carolyn Halpern
  • Julie Cole
  • Adan Sanchez
  • All Teachers providing instruction in NGSS & STEAM

District Partners

  • Helen Hill, Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Development
  • Jodi Marchesso, District STEM Coach
  • Kris Zariski, Measure TT Project Manager

Community Partners

  • James Carlson, Management Analyst, City of Sierra Madre
  • Dave de Pinto and Evelyn Reyes, San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District
  • Ganahl Lumber
  • Nuccio Nursery
  • Pasadena Educational Foundation

Parent Partners

  • Dick Overton
  • Terri Richardson and Warren Bleeker
  • Linda Hernandez, Rocio Tafolla, Maria Gallegos, and Mei Lee
  • Jennifer and Geoff Yure


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