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Dress Code

Sierra Madre Elementary School Dress Code Policy

Basic Presumptions

  • Health: Clothing must be clean and must be adequate to protect children from weather conditions.
  • Safety: Clothing that puts the wearer or others at risk, including symbolic gang attire, cannot be worn.
  • Decency: Clothing must conform to societal norms in regard to modesty, with respect for self and others.
  • Positive Graphics Only
  • No spaghetti straps. Tops must have sleeves.
  • May not reveal midriff or underwear.
  • Not excessively tight or baggy.
  • May not reveal underwear or skin at waist or midriff.
  • Length of walking shorts and skirts must be closer to the knee than to the buttocks.
  • Be secure around the ankle in some way (tie, buckle, strap, etc.)
  • Have no more elevation than a typical tennis shoe.
  • Style: Any sweater, sweatshirt, jacket and/or rain gear.
  • Color: Student's choice
  • For outdoor use, not in the classroom.
  • No scarves.



  • Tops: any solid color
  • Bottoms: Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Khaki


Other Considerations

  • Fridays: Green Shirt Day
  • Playdays: Free Dress Day (or theme dress), 8 days in school year on Master Calendar. Free Dress Day choices must reflect the Basic Presumptions of Health, Safety, and Decency.