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How do I become a volunteer at SME?

Infographic about Lauren Johnson
How Do I Become a Volunteer?

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Sierra Madre Elementary School! Our volunteers are a vital part of our school community and we warmly welcome you!

Step 1:

Attend a Volunteer Orientation

These are offered weekly during the first month of school and monthly after that. The volunteer orientation will explain the various types of volunteers at our school, clearance levels, and the process involved in obtaining clearance.

Please check the school website for upcoming dates.

Step 2:

Complete the volunteer application packet.

The volunteer application packet is distributed at the volunteer orientation.

Step 3:

Obtain a current TB test or screening.

For new volunteers, TB test must be within the last twelve months. Please see TB information flyer for sites offering free TB testing to our volunteers.

Step 4:

Make a copy of a government issued ID card (Driver’s license, passport, etc.).

Step 5:

Turn in completed application packet to Lauren Johnson, School Community Assistant.

Completed Packet should contain five pages:

  1. Volunteer Application (available at orientation)
  2. Child Abuse and Confidentiality Sheet, signed (available at orientation)
  3. Volunteer Handbook Acknowledgement (available at orientation)
  4. Copy of current TB test
  5. Copy of government issued ID


Please contact Lauren Johnson at johnson.lauren@pusd or call 626.396.5890 Ext. 50209